I am struggling to keep up right now, I’m not sure about you lot?

Silly season has well and truly arrived, and the reports are coming in thick and fast today after the transfer window officially opens.

Chelsea want to sign a big name new striker this summer, that is the only clear thing we do know right now, but which one will it be?

Of course it is natural for Chelsea to be looking at and even making moves for a few players for one position, this is the way transfer business works.

So although this week we are hearing talks moving in Chelsea’s pursuit of Erling Haaland, that doesn’t mean we need to rule out Romelu Lukaku altogether, just for example.

And perhaps we shouldn’t entirely rule out Harry Kane either, despite that being seen as hugely unrealistic?

Gianluca Di Marzio typed up a report on this today and right at the very bottom, the Sky Italy reporter claims Chelsea are ‘insisting’ on trying to sign Harry Kane this summer.



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